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Home and Workplace Blessings

Home and Workplace Blessings

Blessing homes and workplaces are rooted in deep and ancient traditions in various faith communities. For example, there are many beautiful prayers of blessing in both the Catholic and Orthodox traditions, but you can also find them in Celtic and earth traditions that don’t necessarily have any traditional religious connotations attached.


Today, many people want to have their homes and places of work blessed as an active sign and symbol of their hope that the place will be one of happiness, peace, health, and prosperity. Sometimes blessings are wanted to clear a place of the residual effect of a negative event or occurrence.  Most often, home and workplace blessings are a positive and active way to help create and establish a deep sense of place. It is an opportunity to define one’s rootedness and commitment to a particular environment.


These blessing ceremonies are a fun way to allow your positive energy and love to flow to family, friends, and the community. I love creating these blessing ceremonies and helping individuals conduct them in a meaningful and intimate way. Almost always blessing ceremonies are included when I am helping people to create a sacred spaces.

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