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Anniversary Blessings and Vow Renewals

Creating a celebration to mark your wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows is a beautiful opportunity to once again declare your love and commitment to each other in front of family and loved ones. In an increasingly complex world, anniversaries celebrating your commitment are quick becoming a beacon of hope and stability and an example to be emulated for family and friends. What is exciting is that there isn’t really a list of dos and don’ts. You’re free to create a ceremony exactly as you’d like. It can be as simple, romantic or elaborate as you wish.


Perhaps you’ll want to recall the vows you made to each other when you were first married. Maybe you’d like to recite new vows that encompass wisdom gained from years of being together. Celebrating special milestones such as a 5th, 10th, or 25th anniversary is a great way to reflect on your partnership and prepare for your upcoming years together. You can include or exclude religious traditions, have family members or children participate, or acknowledge others who were important in supporting your relationship.

Whatever you choose, let me help you craft a joyous, meaningful, and intimate ceremony that captures what makes your relationship uniquely special. We need more celebrating and it’s especially important to provide witness that love does, in fact, have the last word!

Amor Vincit Omnia.


Contact me for your free consultation.

My Fees:


Anniversary Blessing and Vow Renewals: Depending on the date, time and location, fees range from $200 - $350*.

(*) Additional Fees

Travel Fees:
• Travel charges depend on distance traveled your event location. Other than tolls, there are no travel fees for ceremonies or rehearsals within NYC. Ceremonies or rehearsals beyond that area will incur an additional fee including trip, plus tolls, mileage, etc. These costs are usually minimal and will be provided to you well in advance of the ceremony and must be paid before the ceremony.
• Depending upon the driving time, date of rehearsal or date of the ceremony, overnight accommodations may also be required and must be paid in advance by the couple or their representatives.

Tolls and Parking:
• All anticipated tolls and parking fees encountered will be added as travel fees.

In-Person Consultation: 

• Generally, there no travel fee is associated with an in-person consultation if it is in the City of New York. Requests for longer travel will incur a fee to be agreed upon and paid before the in-person meeting.

Ceremonial Specific Fees:
• The cost of and obtaining items specific to the ceremony such as candles, wine, audio equipment, music equipment and speakers etc. will be the responsibility of the couple.

Holidays and Weekends:
• A holiday premium of $150.00 will apply to ceremonies performed on all US holidays/holiday weekends including but not limited to Martin Luther King Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day Weekend, July 3rd, 4th and 5th, Labor Day Weekend. Generally, I will not perform ceremonies on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (of course, in some cases exceptions can be made).

Other Fees:
• In rare instances, other fees are required. All fees, however, including anything out of the ordinary, are disclosed well in advance so that there are no budgeting surprises.

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