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Baby Blessings and Baptisms

Joy! Happiness! Elation! Hopefulness! Expectation! These are the emotions that we experience with a newborn! To capture these emotions and commemorate the miracle of a newborn nowadays, many families wish to celebrate by hosting a baby blessing or naming ceremony. There is, after all, hardly a more joyous occasion than a new baby!!


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Baby Blessings and Baby-Naming Ceremonies

Family dynamics are complex, often there are differing cultural or religious traditions that can complicate matters. Crafting a blessing or naming ceremony can be a beautiful way to mark the joyous occasion of new life by including traditional elements as well as ensuring that family members are represented, as well as readings, poetry, rituals, and music. Often, the ceremony allows for the godparents and their roles to be ritualized. The ceremony often allows for the inclusion of special remembrances of family members from past generations who are asked to be present in spirit.

Regardless of the elements that you’d wish to include you can be sure that the service will be uniquely crafted to beautifully personalized to welcome your newborn. It’s important to commemorate such milestones as the newborn begins the marvelous journey into the world. Let’s make it special.



If you are interested in having your child baptized as a Christian, I can perform this ceremony in my capacity as an Orthodox priest. Although traditional baptism follows specific rituals, I’m happy to include other elements to enrich the ceremony and ensure that cultural and religious backgrounds are acknowledged and included in the blessings. I’m happy to discuss this option to anyone seeking baptism, not just infant baptism.

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