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Obituaries and Legacy Creations

Honoring, celebrating, eulogizing, giving thanks, sharing stories and memories, or writing an obituary or legacy are some of the many ways we can say goodbye to a loved one. This is the greatest of all transitions and is often difficult for families, relatives, and friends. Knowing this, I strive to help you through this time.


Together, I will craft a service that will ensure that your loved one's wake, funeral, or memorial service captures the vitality of their life and the essence of their spirit. It’s crucially important that this service be within the parameters of both what the deceased would have wanted and what the family feels is appropriate.


I can provide religious, interfaith/interspiritual, or non-religious ceremonies. Including music, poetry, short stories, prayers or even photo essays are easily adapted into a warm, meaningful, and memorable tribute and farewell. The service can be at the location of your choice whether that is your home, cemetery, funeral home, or other alternative location.

Most people don't think about legacy until they're asked to provide detailed information for an obituary. This is difficult to do during a stressful time of mourning. Every person has a unique story, and a wealth of experiences that have defined and have given meaning to their life. It's important to memorialize the legacy of a loved one not only to honor their life but to provide a history to surviving family members and generations to come.

I am happy to assist you in writing an appropriate obituary at the time of the wake, funeral, or memorial service. Alternatively, I can also help you write your own legacy document or create a video to provide to your family and loved ones well in advance. Today, many people are accessing DNA and ancestry tests to understand their roots and cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Why not also capture the many facets of the life you've lived, illustrating your own personal tapestry and the many meaningful moments of your life? Let's create a legacy that honors your unique journey!

My Fees:


Obituary & Legacy Writing: Fees range from $50 - $200.

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