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Pet Blessings

Our pets are one of the most precious blessings that we are privileged to have on life’s journey! These creatures, big and small, common and unique, bring companionship, happiness, and love into our lives. They are members of the family and often train us more than we ever train them.


In my tradition, I pray to the Divine for the peace of all creatures. I am happy to conduct pet blessings directly or indirectly for your pet. I also understand the devastating feelings of sorrow and loss when a pet passes. Often, this is a time when blessings are especially needed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’re interested in blessing your pet whether it’s welcoming a new one into the family, blessing current pets, or honoring a pet that has passed. Together we can create something beautiful to honor these special creatures that enrich our lives daily.


Each year, on October 4th, the Feast of Saint Francis, people all over the world remember Francis’ particularly strong attachment to the natural world and animals in particular. In emulation of his special relationship, pet blessings have become a tradition for many. You are invited to join me in a teleconference every October to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis which includes a blessing of the animals. The teleconference link will be posted in September of each year.


Contact me for your free consultation.

My Fees:


Depending on the date, time and location, fees range from $25 - $75.

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