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Funerals Wakes Memorials Obituary and Legacy Writing


Honoring, celebrating, eulogizing, giving thanks, sharing stories and memories, or writing an obituary or legacy are some of the many ways we can say goodbye to a loved one. This is the greatest of all transitions and is often difficult for families, relatives, and friends. Knowing this, I strive to help you through this time.


Together, I will craft a service that will ensure that your loved one's wake, funeral, or memorial service captures the vitality of their life and the essence of their spirit. It’s crucially important that this service be within the parameters of both what the deceased would have wanted and what the family feels is appropriate.


I can provide religious, interfaith/interspiritual, or non-religious ceremonies. Including music, poetry, short stories, prayers or even photo essays are easily adapted into a warm, meaningful, and memorable tribute and farewell. The service can be at the location of your choice whether that is your home, cemetery, funeral home, or other alternative location.

The Wake service includes:
• Consultation with family and loved ones to get a clear picture of what the deceased would have wanted and what the family wishes to be included in the ceremony.
• Officiating at the wake service and conducting it as proscribed by the family and its traditions.
• Prayers or special blessings if requested by the family.

My Fees:


Wakes: Depending on the date, time and location, fees range from $300 - $400*.


Wakes and funerals are a difficult time and often happen when it is least expected. Cosequently, financial burdens are often onerous. With this in mind, I am always willing to adjust my fees if the family is experiencing harship. Everyone deserves a beautiful tribute and cost should not prevent one from ensuring that loved ones have a meaningful and proper ceremony or service. Please feel free to talk to me should this be your situation.

(*) Additional Fees


Travel Fees:
• Travel charges depend on distance traveled your event location. Other than tolls, there are no travel fees for ceremonies within NYC. Ceremonies beyond that area will incur an additional fee including trip, plus tolls, mileage, etc. These costs are usually minimal and will be provided to you well in advance of the ceremony and must be paid before the ceremony.
• Depending upon the driving time, or date of the ceremony, overnight accommodations may also be required and must be paid in advance by the couple or their representatives.


Tolls and Parking:
• All anticipated tolls and parking fees encountered will be added as travel fees.


In-Person Consultation: 

• Generally, there no travel fee is associated with an in-person consultation if it is in the City of New York. Requests for longer travel will incur a fee to be agreed upon and paid before the in-person meeting


Holidays and Weekends:
• A holiday premium of $150.00 will apply to ceremonies performed on all US holidays/holiday weekends. Generally, I will not conduct wakes, funerals, memorial services on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (of course, in some cases, especially with regard to wakes and funerals, exceptions are made).


Other Fees:
• In rare instances, other fees are required. All fees, however, including anything out of the ordinary, are disclosed well in advance so that there are no budgetery surprises.

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